If you're unsure on how to connect to your VPS please read this article.

Once logged in open up the "File Explorer" and go to "Documents", this is where your server will be.
Create a folder inside "Documents" and name it your servers name (e.g Zoltux) and then go inside.
Now create 2 more folders named "Steam" and "Unturned".
Enter the "Steam" folder and download this, and then unzip it and place the "steamcmd.exe" executable inside the "Steam" folder.
Now go back inside your servers main folder and create the below batch (.bat) scripts.

@echo off
CD C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\SERVER\Unturned
Unturned.exe -nographics -batchmode +InternetServer/Server
ping -n 1 -w 1000 > NUL
goto Unturned

C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\SERVER\Steam\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\SERVER\Unturned +app_update 1110390 validate +quit

Please remember to replace "SERVER" with the name of the main folder you created in step 3.

Once you've created these scripts double click on the "Update.bat" file and let it run.
You can now double click on the "Start.bat" file to start up your server.

Article made with by Theo Wood.
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